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Holy crap! I remember wearing banana clips. I'm gonna bring'em back. :)

I always had too much hair and they would never clip. I was so jealous of girls with thin hair who could rock the banana clip.

Earrings from the 80's. We Actually Had Earring PARTIES and Would Buy a Bunch of These!

Bright Geometric earrings super fun by Is it bad I had the pink and blue ones and may still have them somewhere?

Stretch comb headband. I don't know why I wore these or how they became popular. They hurt pretty bad to wear.

These were a staple in my middle school life- 50 Signs That You Grew Up In The

Who didn't wear stirrup pants in the 50s and 60s and then again in the 80s and 90s?

Oh, Stirrup pants (These things are worth posting about twice in the same board) . the pants that pulled themselves down each time you walked.more asses are hanging out of pants today than there ever were then.

Stick Pins.

Super important accessory for your cowl neck sweater! The cowl neck is back, hope the stick pin comes back too.

If you happen to be wearing shorts, you most definitely burned your buns!

Huge metal slide - burned a layer of skin off every time! Used waxed paper to REALLY slide fast!

We'd roll up our jean and be styling in a pair of wood clogs. Even a few of the guys I went to school with wore them. I still like clogs!

Clogs, wooden-soled very heavy shoes. So in style in late Many different styles on top of the clog, but the sole remained the same. I loved that I could wear longer jeans and make myself look taller than !


Ahh the roach clip hair feather. I think state fairs around the country were kept profitable by the sale of these and so many who bought them had no idea why they were called roach clips!

Banana clips ewww loved then... What the.. Was I thinking? Well I was a kid ;)

Banana Clips- used this for my hair for a high school dance! Curled my hair and then put in a banana clip. People could not figure out how my hair was done!

Cabbage Patch Dolls. Still havs mine in my parents attic.

The ever so loved Cabbage Patch Doll. I had 3 of them up untill only years ago. My daughters wanted nothing to do with them :P

The California Raisins. Man, I tell you what... Them dried up grapes could sing! I had 2 of their albums on cassette. LOVED!!

California Raisins I Heard It Through The Grapevine. I had these figurines. Hardee's was giving them away back when I was a kid

my girlfriends could never have enough friendship beads in grade school...this was serious stuff, people!

When I was in the fifth grade in Montgomery, Alabama, friendship pins were all the rage. I remember sitting for hours putting little beads on safety pins and then attaching them onto my shoelaces and such. We also strung little.

Vintage barrettes

vintage hair barrettes --such sweet memories. I used these in my daughters hair!

You had an enviable sticker collection - including pages dedicated to Scratch-n-sniff and Puffy stickers. (<a href="">Img</a>)

former pinner said: sticker albums. i loved collecting stickers as a kid. who didn't in the there were so many fun ones.puffy stickers, googly-eyes, scratch n' sniff, a plethora of rainbowed options

Push-A-Point Pencils. Lost one and you were screwed #80s |

Push-A-Point Pencils- loved these but if you lost one the whole thing was out of action ha!