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❤️Luanna Perez

Describe the selection you submitted for your SM Spring Wishlist. Basically what im looking forward to wear this spring! Im currently obses.

CHANGING FC) "hi... I'm Ellie. I'm no one special  really just another petty criminal I'm the streets of Gotham.... well petty until I started killing people. Haha see I'm a bit, crazy hehe I have a different side that loves the sight of someone's life leave their eyes" I giggle wickedly "I'm usually pretty nice I'll only hurt you if I have to don't worry" I shrug and smile "OH! I'm 17 and have no significant other. No one can handle my crazy"

Blazer- Romwe, Tee- Angry Blossom, Pants- Similar, Creepers – TUK, Socks- Ozone Socks (by Lua P)