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(Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)Rules(about equal to the warrior's rp rules)After the death of king Arthur magical animals now rule once again ruled Camelot. Whos side are you on Arthur(whats left of his court) or Mordred?

Coming from the dark.

She reminds me of Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin. And the black lolita like dress is very fitting.

I much rather go under a tree as I read a book that spikes my interest, but then again I would distracted by the tiniest things

Anime picture original ame (conronca) single tall image short hair blue eyes sitting blue hair butterfly on hand male plant (plants) tree (trees) boots book (books) insect butterfly goggles 289867 en

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Lyra // Meet K's sister, S. She has red hair and blue/grey eyes (but in most of pictures they're different colors so just deal) //

So much here to look at: a beautiful girl with galaxy hair (hey look, pink, purple, and blue!) who is showing raw emotion. Such beauty.

I mustered up all the energy that I could, trying my hardest to break free from this prison inside a computer. I could finally return to the real world, feel the breeze on my skin again, instead of the coldness of computer codes. I stretched out my hand, hoping someone was there. Then I felt a warm, soft hand grasp my cold one and pull me out of the screen...

This is Sachi Osaki she is 16 but her last day at school was horrible,she got mad and shot a boy with Electric powers she never new she had. She is nice and try's not to get mad, but don't get her mad.