Never gets off the internet squad...Zodiac

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! Never gets off the internet squad.


Why you lyin why you always lyinnn

Broke af but still buyin squad...Zodiac

Broke af but still buyin squad.Zodiac hahaha I'm a Pisces

Most Mature, most to least...Zodiac

Most mature.<<<least lol ABJ

EXactly and then even if I don't feel like getting up I need to off the light!!!!!:(

It’s more like “then is super thirsty for water.

I hate everyone Squad...Zodiac

I hate everyone Squad.Zodiac<<I'm in one of these Zodiac scorpio can you tell

Always over sleeping squad...Zodiac

I had 15 hours of sleep yesterday no joke. 13 hours today 😂😂 don't judge it's hols.

The counts down the microwave squad...Zodiac

My fam thinks it's really weird ♈️


Jeez guys, I don't punch walls, I punch mirrors.

No friends so netflix squad...Zodiac

No friends so netflix squad.Zodiac I'm good with that tho.

The "I'll do it later"Squad...Zodiac

💯😂♋ cancer your professional procrastinator

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It's gotta be a high percent battery.

I'm always aeries and leo, these are surprisingly accurate. Moon and sun signs.

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Starbucks is the best squad...Zodiac

Starbucks is the best squad.Zodiac (I hate Starbucks ♒)

Ah yep, stay up until 3am questioning the universe every night! ^.^

Daily Horoscope Lion,- No Sleep Squad.

Last minute squad...Zodiac i am confused because I am a cancer yet I get everything done really early

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Not exactly true :/