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Hahahahaha  sadly true, nah nvm that ain't sad at all! That's an accomplishment

Hahahahaha sadly true, nah nvm that ain't sad at all! That's an accomplishment

Tears stream down my face..

Tears stream down my face..

HAAAAAAAAAAA *jumps into the ocean and attemps to swim to south korea, makes it and then runs to SM studios and stay with EXO forever.

the cycle will never stop

This is totally me. Just Tao is enough to throw me through a loop, not to mention all of BTS B.P, BIG BANG, AND many many more.

Even when they dress up as girls, they'll definitely look more feminine and prettier than me, obviously.

Sums up my life

International fan "problems" - sometimes it's not incoherent! and a few idols have said they can't hear fanchants, but they do understand/appreciate all fans (especially international ones) knowing the words to the songs!

So true! But I am starting to understand it.대박!

there are a lot of words in korean that sound like mandarin, taiwanese, and fewer like japanese (im not fluent in japanese yet, only learning), so i always feel like i can almost understand it but i actually cannot

We should do this. #Kpop

if everyone introduced themselves the way kpop idols do, the world would be a better place. Ahahahahahaha way too funny

Why would I show them a picture if they already know how their father looks?

hahaha That's what I wish what I could tell my future kids.

LOL I think i have done this to John several times.

Lol so true. While also singing it either completely off key or perfectly on key just when they start speaking and mess up ur pitch.

sorry sorry sorry misheard lyrics

When a kpop song is stuck in your head but you don't know the lyrics cx Super Junior-Sorry Sorry ❤