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Suga - he wears more eye makeup than I do, but he's still my bias haha

I feel like I say this a lot these days. My hearing is really going. However, you can say this not only when you didn't hear someone clearly, but also when you're surprised by what someone is saying (the nuance is like, "What?

Meu açúcar lindooooo

[Taegi/Kookga] Texting

Min Yoogni aka Suga

this bias wrecker keeps ruining my Bias list. My Bias is Jimin that's clear, but thanks to Suga I don't have an idea what to do than .

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Não sabia que ele tinha tantos segredos. De chefe a... Bom, isso eu n… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

My criminal boss ( Kim Namjoon)


"They said I could be a rapper like dynamic duo and now I'm Min-ie Mouse" poor Suga