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jackson wang hair meme - Google Search

So pined this hear cause I was singing a Kpop song and my sister was like that's not and Anime opening or ending who are you I died laughing

Me, like, everyday xD

Oh my gosh this is the most accurate depiction of how I was in College!

i just snorted and bc of that i coughed and bc of that now im hacking pls send help

Jackson and Rap Mon is like my favorite band combo just lmao. But this is so true

Rap monster is 7 years older than me! I'm pretty sure he would like people his age, or noonas. :'/ I hate being an 02 liner!!

wait until you're a noona and they're younger than you. but still a foot taller and strong and muscular. That messes with my head constantly.

Yoongi and Yugyeom(GOT7) opening their arms wide to hug each other :“”)

Yoongi(BTS) and Yugyeom opening their arms wide to hug each other :“”)

This is legit Namjoon being deep and Jackson being a derp

My biggest fear is being forgotten as well . But Jackson LOL , kool aid man is the best