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*being supportive and talks gentle* I want to wish jungkook a happy belated birthday. May you be forever blessed.

JUNGKOOK || When someone of them smiles, I feel like smiling, too.

“cos anything taehyung says, jungkook will always smile or laugh at”

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BTS˚ One Shots ˚

In which Jeon Jeongguk, a ruthless mafia leader, starts to go soft af… Fanfiction

"I might as well try to wear the sunglasses inside the plane since I don't wear them outside~"

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It was short, but I think this promotion was where I had the happiest and felt most grateful. You REALLY REALLY worked hard cheering for us! Really! Also, it's raining, so make sure you bring your umbrella! You're going to catch a cold!

#wattpad #fanfiction "I broke up with you because you are ugly and fat. No one will ever like you." Started:03/20/17 Finished: ??????? @-chimrice

Regret ☆ BTS Jungkook - [ Four ]

So Jeon Jungkook from the band BTS has been threatened to be beaten up when they come to LA soon. So a few people and I have come up with this hashtag for all the ARMYs (BTS fans) we need to spread the hashtag so we are all informed.