Who's coming over for tea?

Arsenic, toxic, deadly tea set When you want to give a tea party for those you are not particularly fond of. OR what a great idea for a Halloween Tea Party!

Tea infuser...  Like this or other cool shape.

Skullz Obsessed / Mary Queen of Scots’ Watch: Large skull watch given by the Queen to Mary Seton. The forehead of the skull is engraved with a figure of death between a palace and a cottage, and a quotation in Latin meaning ‘pale death visits with imp

Poison.  I would totally serve coffee in this!

Poison & Toxic Painted Teacup and Saucer by TheVintageParlor. Need to make with a Sharpie.

i would use these for my 3 best friends! the last on would be bossy or something like that

Necessary for Sunday morning brunch with the girls. Or Sunday morning wine.


Submarine Tea Infuser - This is awesome! "We all [drink out of a] yellow submarine!" I should get one for me and one for my mom because yellow submarines are kinda our thing now.

buajaja hell-yeah!! fuck you table lamp by Andrea Maestri

The F*ck You Lamp is an awesome table option designed by Andrea Maestri. If you're trying to make a statement and like a bolder style, this lamp is your item

15 Cool Gift Ideas for Owl Lovers

This new super sweet owl tea collection by West Elm includes an owl shaped tea pot and a teacup with saucer. The set is .

┼ Skull Teapot

Skulls: Rare Antique Late Fine Porcelain Teapot, Teacup, Saucer, and Creamer.