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Livin' Dangerously!

Gonna take it riiight in to the danger zone...

44th Street Fabric: Clean my sewing room? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

If only, right? Tell us: how many projects in your life would suddenly be done if it were this easy?


What are stitch markers for anyway, seriously. I have been a knitter for years and never touched a stitch marker in my life, and my knits still come out fine.


I have about 30 unfinished projects at the moment. shhhh Crochet, Knitting and Fiber Humor

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Have you seen our CrochetHolic board? Enough yarn...never! ❥ 4U // hf

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: What do you mean I have enough yarn? Have you seen my Pintrest boards? It's like you don't even know me anymore!