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Beautiful Birds

Wir haben noch 3 handzahme Nestjunge zu verkaufen. Die kleinen sind nun 8 Wochen alt und suchen nun...,Nestjunge, handzahme und…

These three budgies look so adorable sharing a swing!

Budgie take a shower

Bird Room Ideas Are Addictive... You Have Been Warned

I miss you My Tweety <3

They're the court jesters of small parrots, and they fit just perfectly in the palm of your hand. Don't think just because you get a young lovebird that it will always be bonded to you.

Awwww... Can't wait until Pixie and Crickets babies look like this ❤️

Love the budgie sorry I put this in littlest pet shops I meant to put it in animals

Sleepy parakeets

avianawareness: “ (via Budgerigar Gallery - Detail View - parakeets Soshi…

These guys look a lot like my Peaches and Mikey!

Love Birds * * MALE: " Wut ya think, sweetheart?" FEMALE: " Easy fer yoo to say.

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Find out in this article the best aviary birds for you! Either indoor or outdoor, we bring you perfect aviary birds options for every owner out there!