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march 11th ✧ brendon urie on twitter

If your gonna preach for god sakes preach with conviction! Or hallelujah

Oh dear god what have you done to my precious Brendon ?! BRENDON NEVER GO BALD !!! PROMISE ME YOU WONT LOSE YOUR HAIR

Me and my Bff were trying to find a way to get over Brendon Urie, so I said "imagine him bald" and she said "yeah but he's not he has a perfect head of hair, he's perfect" and then I go "yeah you're right"

josh dun tweet | tyler joseph on twitter | Tumblr

The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

Omg XDDD Tyler ridiculously reminds me of my dad. he always has smart remarks when someone has a stupid argument

Credit: Raquel on twitter

Oh my god 😂 I didn't even know there was a Brendon Urie laugh compilation