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Its always the people with the long legs!!!

All the time -.- (extremely annoying moment, slow walker, no way around, teenager post)

hehee same iz the case wid me

I'm a really shy person if I don't know the person! I literally become insane.Yep,totally me


yeah some cups just make water taste better. I have my cup:)


For me, seeing a spider is a problem. It becomes a even bigger problem when it disappears.


Relatable Post First Day of School: 30 pencils. one month later: 1 pencil you found on the ground

It hit someone in the head and umm I got detention for being "abusive" even when it was an accident

One time when I did this my pen flew across the room and smacked my friend in the face. I had the hardest time holding back my giggles while she stared at me so confused as to why I threw my pen at her.

all the time

I have to be really comfortable with someone before I let them hear me crunch my food - yea im weird i know

This is me!

OMG THIS IS SO TRUE I literally JUST tried explaining something to my mom and she walked off like I wasn't even there like wtf

They buy me mcdonalds! But yeah, i can't stand seeing kids younger than me having stuff i wish i had! :p


There are 10 year old with the iphone 5 and my parent won't even buy me mcdonalds.


That's so true. But only because you watch it count down from That makes it longer


Teenager Post The awkward moment when you think you can touch the bottom of the pool, then try to and almost drown in the process.

always haha

That dirty look you give something after tripping over it. So true!

I only have 5 people's numbers.

Hannah Montana and Rico sharing her" secret." He just got to that school, how does he have all their numbers(:

Teenager Post #4788 - I hate it when you're about to say something good and the topic changes. ~ Every time too!

Welcome to my awkward life. ♡, i hate it when this happens, ugh! it jst makes me soo mad