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[ ] The Villa Chameleon is a modern and stylish private estate in Son Vida, Mallorca, Spain.

"View this Great Space  in Montague, MI. The home was built in 2011 and is 8114 square feet. Discover & browse thousands of other home design ideas on Zillow Digs."

If you find yourself staring at this patio for too long, we don't blame you. Walk down the spiral staircase from your master suite right onto the dreamy patio studded with flowers.

Meera Sky Garden House, Singapore

Living roofs -- also called vegetative or green roofs -- are growing in popularity in the U. See some of the most stunning examples of green roofs in the world.

Ukraine Apartment Roof Structure

Ukraine Apartment Roof Structure Makes Stunning Decorative Element


House Ef / Fritz Fritz Arquitectos Quiroga Carrafa Amazing architecture - nice combo of wood, glass and stucco. - Interior Homes

Virginia House

"NADAAA overhauls brick Virginia house with ample glazing and a plywood interior" _bowindows/volumi esterni

Industrial Loft by SHED Architecture & Design | HomeAdore - created via http://pinthemall.net

Industrial Loft by SHED Architecture & Design | HomeAdore - created via http://pinthemall.net

Skylights fill the spaces between the ground floor ceiling, allowing daylight to reach the living room, and the adjoining kitchen and dining...

Built by NKS Architects in Yukuhashi, Japan with date Images by Kouji Okamoto. JUUL House, a two-generation residence designed by NKS Architects, sits adjacent to a river running through the subur.

Residencia Vista Clara by lineaarquitectura.mx / Puebla, Mexico

Residencia Vista Clara / lineaarquitectura.mx

modern residence 31 Creative Family Home in Mexico Providing Opulent Modern Living: Vista Clara Residence

Alice Bay » Location de villa de luxe

Villa Alice Bay Martinique is a beautiful luxury villa to rent in Le Francois. Book now your next vacation rental in Martinique and excursions.