$49.00 Celtic Leather Bracers. If I ever have an extra 50 bucks, I'm going to buy these.

Ultra High-End 'LeatherWorks' Series Leather Bracers - Celtic

Witch Hunter set by ~I-TAVARON-I on deviantART

Witch Hunter set by ~I-TAVARON-I on deviantART leather belt with pouches and baldric with knife sheath

Dwarven Leather Bracer larp larping larper armor by FeralCrafter

Dwarvish Bracer by Feral-Workshop on deviantART; a separate layer of leather appears to have been used to form dwarvish design; I think it just depends on the overall outfit.

Leather work 142 - 08 by HamraBDG on deviantART

Leather work 142 - 08 by HamraBDG on deviantART. Thorn bracer, the Thorns only use bark that falls naturally from the tree; in gratitude they confer great protection upon their guardians

mw-11900520-1 (640×868)

modern Leather Armor, distantly based on the early Roman empire lorica segmentata style of iron armor. This could work well for paintball under armor

Black Leather Cuff for covering wrist tats for work

Leather Cuff, Leather Bracelet: Black Leather Cuff with a Celtic Design "Celtic Black Beauty Cuff"

Renaissance Style Leather Bracer by *Adhras on deviantART

It's a renaissance style bracer, made with split leather and veg tanned leather. It fits well for Larp games, cosplay and perfect for a assassin creed s.

Oiled Brown Leather Bracers with Top Straps Scales by VampieOodles, $78.00

Oiled Brown Leather Bracers with Top Straps, Scales and Antiqued Brass Hardware

Scriptorium. Scribe bracer. If anyone ever knew me, they'd know StoryTime HAS to have this!

Bracers - a little too steampunk, would have to apoc these up a bit. Good straps for weapons though!