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The Prussian tiara of Princess Victoria Louise came into the Greeky Royal Family with her daughter, Queen Frederika, then left with her daughter Sophia, when she married Juan Carlos of Spain is this very Greek-looking piece. Today it's worn by the present Queen of Spain, Letizia, daugther-in-law of Queen Sophia.

Spanish Royal Jewels: The Prussian or Hellenic Tiara - 1913 by the German jeweler Koch. Currently owned by Queen Sofia of Spain given to her by her mother, Queen Frederica of Greece.

Royal Jewels of the World Message Board: Picture of Empress Eugenie wearing the Greek tiara of the French Crown jewels

The Greek tiara of Empress Eugénie , in the 1867 version (French Crown Jewels)

Looks very similar to a Greek Key design...

A BELLE EPOQUE DIAMOND TIARA Designed as an old European-cut diamond tapered garland band with geometric motif and collet detail (accompanied by an additional diamond tiara fitting and additional band), circa cm.

Queen Josephine's diamond tiara

Norwegian Royal Jewels: Tiara Desirée, A neoclassical tiara representing floral garlands and wreaths of laurel. The name refers claims to Desiree Clary, who was Queen of Sweden by her marriage with King Charles XIV.

This tiara was a wedding gift to then Princess Elizabeth from her mother-in-law Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark (born Princess Alice of Battenberg). The Meander Tiara is in the classical Greek 'key pattern' featuring a large brilliant cut diamond in the centre surrounded by a diamond wreath. The tiara also incorporates a central wreath of leaves and scrolls on either side. The Queen has never worn it in public and it was given to Princess Anne around 1972.

Greek Meander Tiara worn by Princess Anne.once belonged to her fathers mother, Princess Andrew of Greece

Rosamaria G Frangini ... Amethyst and diamond tiara, Prussian.

Antique Tiara of the Fouche D'Otrante family (amethysts, diamonds).love the purple amethysts

The tiara of Empress Catherine II The Great. One of the owners of the tiara was Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy, famous for her relations with Shah of Iran. Today tiara is owned by the McFerrins, the family of famous collectors.

Top Ten Antique Tiaras

Faberge tiara - see other pins - made with diamonds that once belonged to Empress Josephine of France, but *was not* made for her (she died in this was made in

Tiara of the Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia

Diadem of the Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia, wife of Prince Nicolas of Greece. Circa early It was later inherited by their daughter the Princess Olga of Greece who married Prince Paul of Yugoslavia.

Scroll Tiara, Cartier Paris, c.1910  Platinum, one cushion-shaped diamond, round old-cut diamonds Millegrain setting.

Scroll Tiara, Cartier Paris, 1910 Platinum One cushion-shaped diamond, round old-cut diamonds Millegrain setting Sold to Elizabeth, Queen of the Belgians

A Diamond Kokoshnik Tiara from the Collection of Vida, Viscountess Clive, Circa 1910.

A diamond kokoshnik tiara, circa 1910 Designed as a series of radiating scrolls surrounding three principle pear-shaped diamonds set with circular-, rose-cut and cushion-shaped stones, framed by two lines of similarly-set diamonds

another huge diamond tiara by Cartier, 1902, probably commissioned by the Grand Duchess Vladimir for her only daughter, Elena. A real 'Family Fender' as the late Debo, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire would say

Next up is the Romanov Diamond Kokoshnik. Historically, a Kokoshnik is known as the traditional Russian head dress worn by married woman (maidens wore an open version which was similar, and called a povyazka)

The Oriental Tiara, 1911, Cartier Paris.   Cartier Oriental platinum diamond tiara worn by Queen Elizabeth II. Stunning in it's simplicity.

The Oriental Tiara, Cartier Paris. Cartier Oriental platinum diamond tiara worn by Queen Elizabeth II.