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O significado da mandala vem do sânscrito que significa "círculo". Mesmo que possa ser dominado por quadrados ou triângulos, uma mandala tem uma estrutura concêntrica.

Top 10 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs – Mandala Piece, A Buddhist Symbol For Creation And Harmony. Done By Leo At Two Thumbs Tattoo In Pearl City, Hawaii.

simple and pretty

A nice drawing of a boat with is surrounded by "big" sea waves. This tattoo has a mesmerizing design made by the repetitive pattern of the waves.

Hamsa hand

hamsa tattoo- a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power and strength, and is seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye. I have been thinking about getting a hamsa hand for a long time, this is almost perfect!

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73 Impressive Forearm Tattoo Design

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some awesome watercolour tattoos. I NEED to have one!!

Watercolor tattoo Tattoo is a great way to express oneself. There are plenty of tattoo ideas with meanings for you to get a tattoo. It could be rendered in an artistic way, different styles. We have been familiar with realistic style tattoo, which is .

50 Tattoos Inspired By Books. We appreciate that they mostly include the source quotes, as well

50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books