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Прекрасные барышни из квартала красных фонарей.

Prostitute Portraits From The Dark Side Of New Orleans image

Children Kathryn Andrews Fincher.

Diamond Embroidery Home Decor Diamonds Mosaic Painting Pasted Pictures Square Drill tous bear Set for embroidery with beads

Cerberus. "The Immortal Game" by Joannah Miley

Cerberus-Hades' pet dog and the guardian of the gates of the underworld. No dead soul left with this snarling brute at the entrance.

Swann Auction Galleries : Full Details for Lot 337

To London by Jet Clipper - Pan-Am (Pan American Airlines) vintage classic travel poster

Hasan Bin Sabbah and the Secret Order of Hashishins - great article

19 Telltale Signs of Fake Terror (Part IV of: A Bird’s Eye View of Contrived Terror);D, Veterans Today: