Une autre approche consiste à combiner la cuir et la dentelle – des gants en dentelle, combiné à un jean délavé avec une veste ou mini-jupe en cuir – tout en créant le look classique de cette époque. Le contraste des matières totalement différentes est l’élément clé de votre déguisement année 80.

Déguisement année 80: les looks star qui assurent lors d'une soirée

Madonna  by Richard Corman (1982)

madonna 1982 by richard corman and at that time it wasnt the coolest accessories, and things. it was just attitude and the new dance scene starting to evolve at that time.

1980: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone is renowned as one of world’s famous pop divas and frequently referred to as the Queen of Pop Music. It is a well known fact that she loves her yoga and has been practicing for decades ~ the benefits are clear to see

Madonna, the queen of pop, practicing yoga in the gym (vintage yoga photo) .

Madonna, 1990 by Herb Ritts. Owns her own destiny and does whatever she wants.

Madonna by Herb Ritts The picture of madonna that herb ritts took was great. Just because he took the picture outside so the natural wind is blowing her hair and i like the way the shadow is coming thought more on the picture.

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Interview (By Andy Warhol) June 1990

Sischy was responsible for some all-time classic covers during her tenure as editor-in-chief of Interview, starring everyone from Madonna to Lil’ Kim