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"I don't think you understand JUST how easily you make my day ....." "Lovely quote that also makes your sweetie's day." -- DIY Love the Peeksi Way

cuz-daddy-says: it’s an amazing thing when you find that one person that no matter what can pull you out of your deepest funks and bring the biggest smile to your face. I have that and I can’t express enough what it means to me -J Yes….

Even in silence

If you are Looking for the best soulmate quotes and sayings? below are the best ever soulmate quotes that will help in your life.

Fiancee is working in a foreign country for six months.. MAN can't wait for the weeks to pass by!

So true.Its a long time ago I saw your face and your smile.only a few pictures from you.I wish to see your face again.( miss you)❤.

The best kind of relationships are when you're friends first.

Love Quote of the day. Unknown Author Relationships are always stronger when you are best friends first, and a couple second.

Always my forever. I will love you until the end of time J.B. + A.K. <3

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I'm not the cheesy love quote type, but this really is true....love cuddling and spending quality time

Love Is When You Sit Beside Someone Doing Nothing Yet You Feel Perfectly Happy?ref=pinp nn Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing yet you feel perfectly happy.

love us

Love Quotes : QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description need a last minute hubby/honey gift?print this , put it in a frame.tie it up with a

This describes me and my friends relationships

I love you, Chelsea. I don't want you to ever forget that. No matter how much you want to deny it, it is the most true thing in my life.

That’s so true

I love you and I promise that when I come back I'll STILL be in love with you. That's never going to change. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I just really love you

I do this all the time. With my husband, our children, a close relative, a friend. Sometimes I just randomly get an incredible overwhelming feeling and am reminded of his much I love them and how blessed I am to have them in my life!

Your soulmate

No one compares to you. I know people always say your first love is the person you compare everyone to, but maybe they've got it all wrong. Maybe the person you compare everyone to isn't your first love, but your true love. Your soul mate.


I want you today, tomorrow, next week, and for the rest of my life. Yes I want you forever baby