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Nile Crocodile The impressive jaws of one of largest crocodilian species in the world the nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) it’s Africa’s largest crocodile and is the largest crocodile species.

22-foot 2500 pound croc, Niger River, Africa

The 22-foot, 2500-pound human-eating crocodile — yikes!!!

22 foot - 2500 pound Crocodile The people in a village on the Niger River in Africa were losing fellow villagers at such a rapid rate, that they had to call in the Army to hunt down the culprit. A 22 foot, 2500 pound Crocodile

Villagers have a close relationship with Nile crocodiles believing them to be sacred and encourage them to jump for food

Horror on hind legs: 12-foot crocodile stands up as villagers feed the giant predator

Croc’s Jaws – Photo and caption by Carlos Suarez

National Geographic Award Winning Pictures - cool photo of a gator, but REALLY creepy!

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