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This photo, taken by Horst Faas, shows a father as he holds the body of his child as South Vietnamese Army Rangers look down from their armored vehicle March 19, 1964. The child was killed as government forces pursued guerrillas into a village near the Cambodian border. It won Faas the Pulitzer Prize for Photography in 1965.

16 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photos That Shocked The World

A distraught father holds the body of his child as South Vietnamese Rangers look down from their armoured vehicle, March 1964

Credit: William C Beall Faith and Confidence (1957) … William C Beall, of the Washington Daily News, won in 1958 for this p...

Photographs that stunned the world: vintage Pulitzer winners

1958 Pulitzer Prize-winning photo: 'Faith and Confidence', showing a policeman patiently reasoning with a two-year-old boy trying to cross the street during a parade (photo by William C. Beall of 'Washington [DC] Daily News')

Philadelphia's Homeless 1986 Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography, Tom Gralish, The Philadelphia Enquirer

Philadelphia's Homeless 1986 Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography, Tom Gralish, The Philadelphia Enquirer a homeless man.

A woman and her dog by Gordon Parks, Harlem, 1943.

“Una mujer y su perro en Harlem, Nueva York, Obra de Gordon Parks Library of Congress. /// “A Woman and Her Dog in Harlem New York Work by Gordon Parks Library of Congress.

GORDON PARKS Arrested Metropolitan Baptist Church, Chicago  1953    Read more about Gordon Parks Photography by www.leegallery.com

Gordon Parks Photography for sale. Harlem Rooftops, Red Jackson, Harlem Rally, Arrested: Metropolitan Baptist, Contact sheet by Gordon Parks.

afghanistan toy - Recherche Google

An Afghan boy holds a toy gun as he enjoys a ride with others on a merry-go-round to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr festival, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, Sept. Eid al-Fitr festival marks the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan

-Premio Pulitzer de fotografía de 1979 Premio para Thomas J. Kelly por la serie de fotos llamada “Tragedy on Sanatoga Road”

Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography Thomas J. Kelly III, Pottstown (PA) Mercury - For a series called "Tragedy on Sanatoga Road." The little girl in this photo survived.

沢田教一の「安全への逃避」 1966年度のピューリッツァー賞受賞 No more war

A mother and her children wade across a river to escape US bombing. The US Air Force had evacuated their village because it was suspected of being used as a base camp by the Vietcong. (Kyoichi Sawada) Date Country Vietnam Place Loc Thuong, Binh Dinh

"The invisible man, Harlem." 1948. Gordon Parks. The way that I interpret this photo is during the time when slaves were "hated". This picture looks like a black man is trying to run to safer place, without being caught. It probably links to the underground railroad too. Human beings should not have to hide from the world. The world is meant for everyone, not just for specific race. The black and white makes the message stronger because it is a deep photo about how the world is black and…

Gordon Parks The Invisible Man, Harlem, New York 1952 Edition 1 of 10 Pigment print 14 x 14 inches Modern print

“The Kiss of Life” Photo by Rocco Morabito – PULITZER PRIZE (1968)   One of the most famous photos from the late 1960s. A lineman receives CPR from a coworker after being electrocuted. He survived.

The Kiss of Life by Rocco Morabito. This 1967 award-winning photo entitled "Kiss of Life" shows two power linemen, Randall Champion and J. Thompson, at the top of a utility pole.