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Kids always make us laugh - photographer unknown

vintage everyday: Before the Internet – 25 Lovely B&W Shots Capture Everyday Life of Children in the Past

(the most famous dog - p.mc.n.) Charles Schultz and Snoopy

15 Brilliant Paintings Inspired By The Dogs Of Famous Artists

Charles Schulz and his dog 'Spike', the inspiration for 'Snoopy', and obviously Charles was 'Charlie Brown'.

Duke Ellington playing for his wife in Giza, Egypt.

a 1961 new york times photo, showing louis armstrong playing trumpet for his wife, lucille, in front of the great sphinx and pyramids in giza, egypt. i wanna play for you in egypt!

Reminder: your girlfriends will outlive your husband

Reminder: your girlfriends will probably outlive your husband. I'm lucky to have Great and crazy cool friends but I want my hubby around for a long long long time to come as he is my "best" friend

It's either a devil dog or a relict dire wolf! Truth be known, I don't know what kind of dog this is or where this photograph was taken, but I'm making fun of a show I saw last week called "Mountai...

1930 dog in West Virginia. I don't even know where to start on what disturbs me most on this one. Photo of a rare West Virginia “devil dog,” circa 1930

LOVE THIS OLD PIC OF A GIRL AND HER DOG....There are some things that never change.  SH

vintage farm photo of a little girl and her dog-makes me think of my Grandma and her little collie dog

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Jack Russell vintage photo - interesting as you don't normally see a harness, and it has bells on it.

https://flic.kr/p/chHK8s | n301_w1150 | The human side of animals,. New York,Frederick A. Stokes Company[c1918]. <a href="http://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/39635387" rel="nofollow">biodiversitylibrary.org/page/39635387</a>

A vintage Photograph: Underneath the photo its written: "Two Pals. There is between Man & a Dog, a kinship of spirit that cannot be denied"

If these were real, then awww...so sweet! If they were stuffed, then EWWWW....nasty!

Having pet owls can't be easy, with all the mice and owl puke-pellets and all. Boy with pet owls, circa from Beauty and the Beast: Human-Animal Relations as Revealed in Real Photo Postcards,