Yamaguchi Tenjin Festival, Japan: photo by isado, via Flickr

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Shichi-Go-San @ Meiji Jingu | by Incanus Japan

Kimono-clad Japanese cutie at the Shichi-Go-San, or Seven-Five-Three, Festival at Meiji Jingu Shrine. Held on Nov. the Festival celebrates the growth and well-being of girls aged 3 and and boys aged 3 and

Hibuse Festival :  She is a playing a "shamisen"(a three-stringed Japanese banjo)

Hibuse Festival : She is a palyer a "shamisen"(a three-stringed Japanese banjo), sitting the last line of the flaot. This shamisen is quite essential with Japanese traditional dance performance

Oiran (花魁) - Oiran were the highest class of courtesans in Edo (now known as Tokyo). An oiran was valued not only for her beauty and charm, but also her wit, knowledge, and skill in traditional Japanese arts. Their dress often consisted of layers of ornate kimono and extremely elaborate hairstyles, with one distinguishing feature being an obi tied at the front of the body rather than at the back. Though there are no longer any oiran left in Japan because of laws.

Oiran (花魁) - Oiran were the highest class of courtesans in Edo (now known as…

Freezing cold: This little girl looks like a traditional Russia doll as she is wrapped up warm - taken by Sergey Anisimov

A year in the life of Russia: The astonishing photographs that reveal the beauty (and poverty) endured by its 143million people

On the Reindeer-Breeder Day Festival Photo by Сергей Анисимов — National Geographic Your Shot