BPRD_Abyss of Time issue 2 cvr by ~JHarren on deviantART

The second issue cover to my BPRD two-issue mini series. BPRD_Abyss of Time issue 2 cvr

BPRD ROBF117 cover by on @deviantART

Hell on Earth (James Harren cover) Reign of the Black Flame Cover

Been a while without anything, so I figured I'd get around to scanning some misc stuff I've done over the last little while, mostly at the Monday night ....

Another Pile by *Mr--Jack on deviantART Love this compilation of character sketches- a lot of good potential for digital coloring here.

Kirby BOOM by JHarren on deviantART

I thoroughly enjoy drawing for other people but I still need that James time to geek out and experiment.