The very talented James Mc Avoy

James McAvoy -- I don't know if there's anything sexier than a man in a vest. Maybe a well tailored suit.

James McAvoy

James McEvoy - Kyanite, member of high council speaks for water

James McAvoy. Inspirational images for "A Star Across the Hall" a romance story about a young female fantasy writer who has a deadline, a bad case of writer's block, and the worst distraction in the world: her favorite, hottest, yummiest movie star staying just across the hotel hall. How's she supposed to get any work done when he keeps knocking at her door? More

The Star Across the Hall (On Hold)

Twenty-four-year-old fantasy writer Cassie Kalb has one month to finish the next book in her hit fantasy series.

James McAvoy — Les Fantasmes de la Rédac

James McAvoy — Les Fantasmes de la Rédac