Creative Lalique

A charming gift from Captain Valerian Rochas to match the fire in Lady Kitty's eyes! Superb Guild of Handicraft Pendant Silver Gold Garnet Pearl Pendant: H: cm in) W: cm in) Chain: L: 67 cm in) British,

Ювелир и дизайнер Renе Jules Lalique ( Рене Жюль Лалик) (480 фото)

Photo by Wartski This is one of the most characteristic examples of Rene Lalique 's Art Nouveau jewellery. It is a pendant featuring a nat.


art nouveau jewelry - Diamond, enamel, pink tourmaline, and high karat gold combine for this exquisite Georges Fouquet-designed French Art Nouveau brooch. The center features an exquisite spray of flowers, decorated with enamel and old European-cut

Creative Lalique - From Wiki - Rene Jules Lalique French glass designer of glass art, perfume bottles, vases, jewelry, chandeliers, clocks, hood ornaments, started glassware firm named after him which still remains successful today, in 1920s noted for art deco style, work is synonymous with creativity, beauty quality

René Lalique: As well as the use of opals, this pendant displays several features typical of Lalique's work: the multiple form common to his pendent designs and the neck chain interspersed with opal beads.

Lalique      (via TumbleOn) ~ magnificent workmanship and design

Love this ~ Yellow gold necklace adorned with a pendant of two facing dragonflies, resting on a cushion-cut aquamarine, polychrome enameled in shades of blue green, the wings highlighted with brilliant cut diamonds; the neck enameled blue sticks.

Lovely garnet brooch, 1900. Reminds me of my sister as she is a January baby. :)

Antique Authentic Victorian Garnet Pin Brooch with Dangle c 1900 Open Design

An Art Nouveau enamel and silver pendant by SUAU de la CROIX .Lozenge shaped decorated with flower enamel mesh treated relief of red and green.  Gilt silver.  French signed work of Cte Suau Cross.

An Art Nouveau enamel and silver pendant by SUAU de la CROIX .Lozenge shaped decorated with flower enamel mesh treated relief of red and green. French signed work of Cte Suau Cross.

eyesaremosaics: Russian art Nouveau necklace. LOVE the Russian jewelry designs. I didn't know that a lot of the jewelers (goldsmiths) in Russia were from Finland until I did a search to see who actually made the pieces.

An Elegant Art Nouveau Jeweled Gold Pendant Made in the city of Odessa between 1899 and An openwork rose, green and yellow gold pendant is designed as a stylized flower in Art Nouveau taste. The pendant features a large mm wide) baroque pearl, a

Fine Art Nouveau 18kt Gold, Carved Opal, Enamel, Pearl, and Diamond Pendant, the elaborately carved opal depicting a maiden in diaphanous garments diving into the sea against the sunrise, with applied wire cagework, in a polychrome enamel frame of a rooster and serpent, old European and old single-cut diamonds, and suspending a pearl drop, engraved accents, reverse of opal with open pierced floral backing, French and Austro-Hungarian import marks, lg. 3 5/8 dia. 1 7/8 in.

Art Nouveau pendant - carved opal inside the gold, enamel, pearl and diamond setting, topped by a lovely rooster