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Red Winged Fairy Wren | inaluxe

The Red Winged Fairy Wren is endemic to the south western corner or Western Australia. The male has brilliantly coloured breeding plumage, with a stunni.

Superb Fairy Wren | inaluxe (2013)

Superb Fairy Wren Designed for Earth Greetings by: Kristina Sostarko & Jason Odd *****This is a reproduction print taken from the original gouache painting.

Inaluxe is an independent art studio combining the talents of fine artists Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd.

Endemic to South Eastern Australia, The Beautiful Firetail is a small finch with a bright red bill, and crimson rump.

Rose Robin Archival Print

An inquisitive and trusting little bird cm) the Rose Robin is never far from water, and is generally found in south eastern Australia. This graceful.