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Here's the link to part of what leaked from four. The quality sucks so bad I would honestly just wait but if u want u can listen

pull ur shirt up Harry you slut.

Ok, even if this wanst harry and Lux this is a adorable picture! Admit it :)>>>>Harry and lux makes it cuter!! I'm crying!!

Ok, even if this wanst harry and Lux this is a adorable picture! Admit it :)>>>>Harry and lux makes it cuter!

I'm looking for all the boys's duck faces

2013 haz❤️

They're not all the same person. I refuse to believe that our little Harry Styles who worked in his small town bakery is an actor in a movie. A Chris Nolan movie. They aren't the same person.



sus ojos,sus ojos hacen parecer que las estrellas no brillan.

The oh-so-famous Harry Styles Smolder. My legs just turned into bags of Jello. GOING DOWN, GUYS HELP.well those eyes had me like pinned against the wall not even jocking


'Imagine: hiking with Harry. "Harry, stop posing and look at the camera!" "I am looking at the camera babe!" "My chest is not the camera, Styles." He laughs and continues walking.

Harry Styles' air hostess 'girlfriend' says he 'blatantly lied' to her over Kendall Jenner  - Sugarscape.com

I love how he stomps his foot and he's trying to act all tough. So adorable. You can literally see his accent.

Some idiot brought a sign that said "Harry buy some shampoo".  WTF?!?  The boy's hair is AMAZING.  You don't like his hair, go away.  BYE BYE.  Its HIS hair to do what HE wants with it.  How f'n RUDE can someone be?!?!

When Harry got sassy with a fan who told him to wash his hair // if that "fan" was real , not FAKE , then he/she wouldn't have said that. why am i so completely mad ? because you don't tell MY HUSBAND to wash his hair.

Harry through the years

theonewiththevows: “The Evolution of: Harry Styles ” Our baby has grown so much :’) I feel like a proud mother

"I am losing my shit... but in a cool way."

No I didn’t add any filters, that’s actually how green his eyes are.

Cosas que me gustan de Pinterest y las fotos HD :3

Love it, love it, love it so much I cant even explain it!

larry stylinson proof | larry stylinson be like…

"Some people genuinely, seriously think that we're in a relationship.

It looks like it

The fact that I can tell who's ear that is shows how much of a directioner I am (its louis)

one direction 2016 black and white - Google Search

one direction 2016 black and white - Google Search