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Niall knows he's dope

One Direction - Niall Horan dope t-shirt & sunglasses greyscale


My sister asked why I liked Niall my reply was a long ass paragraph plus this photo attached her reply was "shit"

I'm dying inside

Niall Horan - This Is Us premiere; I got 2 people who don't like to admit he is beautiful. I feel like a winner!

Niall for you CHAYANA!!!! ----esha1929

When you hear Nialler is no longer a single pringle and you're going to cry yourself to sleep very soon

There is death going on right now my death death by nialler

im not a big fan but he's wearing a Wisconsin Badger shirt. and I'm from Wisconsin. So now I like this guy.

Niall at the airport

i wish he knew how perfect he is (and not just in looks but in himself his carefree personality and hilarious good way way around people he is just amazing and I wish I could tell him personally! I love you Niall Horan!

I just wish I could snuggle with him call him mine! Kiss his sweet lips. I'm just a fan to him but I can only dream of being more!