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Get those jerseys off NOW! You need To wear Alabama football jerseys boys!

one dιrecтιon

One Direction has released via Live Nation that they will be going on a North American stadium tour. Tour Dates UNDER! Will YOU be going? There’s only one show announced (so far) in California and four in Texas.

this is katie's daughter and i LOOOVVVEE onedirection! Loui's got that one thing! I have their latest C.D take me home!

The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed! but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell that you dont know ohh ohh you dont know your beautiful!

I LOVE THIS!!!!! And please stop calling us "One Direction fans" "One Direction fangirls" or "stupid bunch of little kids"... It's just annoying and though I may have millions of rude nick-names for you I do not call you them to your face out of respect.

"You're a One Direction fan?" "We prefer to be called Directioners.

Im so proud to say i own this book. My grandmother got if for me all the way from england! And funnily enough, i apparently have relatives in wolverhampton!

I have came to realize that it has been a year since I started liking One Direction. :) Congrats to me, I'm going to throw a party now.

Maybe I have a little time. . .

Maybe I have a little time.

One Direction

Just got tickets to Raymond James Stadium! Anyone else going there?

Un divertido comercial para la fragancia "Our Moment" de One Direction

One Direction and Their Fragrance (Our Moment) Commerical

The love is the best, I want to know I will be directioners even in death. : * #onedirection

U guys control our heart with ur songs.