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The completed tarot card commission for of her adorable Hawke *v* Hope I could capture well the Kirkwall gloomy/heavy atmosphere.

The Fire at the Heart of the World (Dragon Age Inquisition | Inquisitor Lavellan | Inferno Mage | Knight Enchanter The Sun) by on @DeviantArt

thereisnomadnessanymore: “ The Fire at the Heart of the World The commission card for inkbonesbooks Dragon Age Inquisition

The Moon by Mezamero on deviantART: My character from Dragon Age Inquisition - Sorra Lavellan

October 2017

Aaaaaand another character card of my Amell (this time it's like, pre-grey-wardening). Amell card (again.

x4oeTJe11rE.jpg (500×610)

tt-vision: ( ”Thanks, for bringing me out to the ass end of nowhere, Varric.” ) Tbh, I was a bit disappointed with the character creator, so I guess I’m sticking to drawing my Hawke.

Queen of Cups | Drag

Queen of Cups | Drag


Counterpart of my previous Abelas Tarot card, this time theme “The Chariot” and it suppose to be an artistic freedom vision of a possible romanced Abelas companion card concept. I loved working with.

stop Abelas Tarot card - from dragon age inquisition. Wheel of Fortune. The card symbolizes Fate and Destiny with wi. Hold The Memories Dear


vaahlkult: “final painting commission from an old batch, glad it’s finally complete :) ”