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Reminds me of the burrow--If walls could talk - William Livingston House built in 1893 in the once elegant Brush Park neighborhood Detroit, Michigan

St. Paul's Artist Studios, No 143 Talgarth Road, London (flickr,squirrelshead)

Old artist studios in London. These houses were built specifically for artists. The large windows are where the studio space is located. There are four of these houses in a row.

A gem I found in Harrisburg, PA. - Destroyed and Abandoned

Original note:A gem I found in Harrisburg, PA. - Destroyed and Abandoned. I must add this old lady must have been beautiful and loved at one time most likely with very close row houses nearby

Abandoned -Brush Park- Detroit , MI

The William Livingstone House (commonly known as Slumpy) was a house constructed in 1893 and located in the Brush Park district of Detroit, Michigan. This house was demolished in September

This is such a shame! One of the many things wrong with the Housing mentality of our country. We rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a new house rather than fixing a masterpiece of a home like this. Don't get me wrong I doubt it would cost much less to save this house, but the reward of owning it would be great!

I love old houses - they have such personality. I have been in Coudersport and there are lots of beautiful old houses! "fixer-upper in Coudersport, PA" It's a shame that a lot of these beautiful buildings are being left to rot. Look at all that detail.


Inject a little fantasy into your backyard. Sure, your backyard fairytale might not be as extravagant as these examples, but with a little bit of planning (and in many cases, a bit of patience) you can create the magic of these images in your garden.

dulwich london house, believed to be the only surviving 19th century concrete house in england.

Dulwich London house, believed to be the only surviving century concrete house in England. at risk registry.love those windows and arches :) What a beautiful old building!

1219  Abandoned Mansion, then and now. What a shame.

Abandoned Mansion, then and now (I am Not Sure Where This Home Is But Thought Pic Was Interesting) This is actually Bennett College in Millbrook, NY, not a mansion. Just awful that it has gone this way.

Abandoned church...kargopol, russia

statues-and-monuments: “ statues-and-monuments Abandoned Church, Kargopol, Russia Photographer: deni-spiri ”

Old abandoned mansion. Schule d. H. J. (HDR) 01

Schule d. (HDR) 01 Abandoned and forgotten. Why in the hell are there homeless people living in the streets!

Grenadines, Caribbean

set in stone.on the rocks.the community is *moonhole*, named for the arch through which one can see the moon set twice a year.on the island of Bequia part of the Grenadines Caribbean

I have this pinned but this is a much bigger picture. This abandoned farmhouse is in rural West Virginia.

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Abandoned & beautiful fairy tale house in Gagra, Abkhasia, Georgia. This type of architecture is fairly common in Russia & the surrounding area. A little hobbit house(: