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Chinese Elm Bonsai Care Guide - Resources and a guide for caring for your Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree.

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Very nice tree

Herb gardening is becoming more and more popular every day, and for a good reason. Herbs have practical value, serve a purpose, and with herb gardening you can

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Bonsai Photo Of The Day 11/16/2017 – BonsaiJack.com #bonsaijack #bonsai

Bonsai Photo Of The Day 11/16/2017 – BonsaiJack.com #bonsaijack #bonsai

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THAT is a bonsai garden. I still feel a little sad that they are artificially stunted.

Clearly a very old specimen! amazing trunk girth, balanced but, natural branch placement from years of wiring pruning

It's sad how the most amazing bonsai can only be called a stunted tree when it reaches a truly enormous size.Clearly a very old specimen! Amazing trunk girth with balanced and natural branch placement.

This planting from Toshio Kawamoto's Saikei

INSPIRATION: Cultivating A Living Game board --- Living Landscapes in Miniature --- This Bonsai style is called "Saikei"