Smells like a wall

Perfectly-Timed-Photos - We all know that when dogs meet other dogs they like to have a sniff, to see who is boss. This perfectly timed picture shows that even drawings of dogs will need to have their butts sniffed too.

Und wenn wir mal ehrlich sind … wer als Hund Rollkragenpullover trägt, der hat’s auch nicht anders verdient!

21 Fotos, die zeigen, dass Tiere Arschlöcher sind

Mean 'ole crow! I haven't liked crows since I saw Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" when I was a little kid. ~The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time~

Ich brauche kein Herrchen

This is probably one of the cutest pet videos you will every see. Just try not to smile. This dog is playing ball by himself. Obviously "Mom" and/or "Dad" doesn't play with him very often.

makes me smile :)

Watching TV with a friend . who's more interested the golden lab or the kid?

there are many things I love about this.  also Pat Mcafee is in it. And I think even he laughed.

Timing Perfection

I love dogs so much...

I love dogs so much...

12 Dogs That Can Sleep Anywhere, In Any Position. ~~ Love the one with the Bassett Hound.body is in the big flower pot and his head is in the little flower pot!

Samoyeds are the best | Community Post: Samoyed Puppies Are The Best Things You Will See Today

Samoyed Puppies Are The Best Things You Will See Today

This Samoyed puppy can't get any cuter! Related: Cute Yorkie plays Patty-cake (video) Playful pug and his owner get slap happy (video) Rescue dog comes out of her shell after learning to play game (video)

29 Dogs You Won't Believe Actually Exist

29 Dogs You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Party animals (again) Oh Hi There Master // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - lol humor funnypictures

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Perfectly Timed Photos, my favorite is the one with the shadow that's almost kissing.