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Hunter x Hunter

post a picture of an anime character making a cat like mouth :3

Hunter x Hunter Killua GIF I died a little inside

Øøhhh mon Killua "sniiiff " ~ ⚡️ Killua Zoldyck ⚡️ ~ Hunter x Hunter ~ [✨GiF✨]


Hisoka and Gon face swap ~Hunter X Hunter- Omfg no no no kmsl

Think of all the beauty around you and be happy.

Hunter x Hunter is an amazing manga, one problem. It has no romance, so I added a female character that'll add a twist. My name is Nijika.

Illumi zoldyck and hisoka Hunter x Hunter puh me too

Illumi zoldyck and hisoka Hunter x Hunter puh they don't show it in the 2011 version but hisoka was the one to stop illumi from going after gon

Ofc killua would have an attitude and gon and his sad puppy face

Gon Freecs and killua zoldyck and Leorio paladiknight Hunter x Hunter