White Rose

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dang it I got to stop pinning all this White Rose stuff, but the art is just too damn funny

Jajajaja que estúpido

i didnt pin it for the pin. but i luv ow its drawn, i have to imitate it one day

De sólo ver la imagen se me sube la azucar

PWN'd -how she actually took out the first guy >_> Admit it, it totally coulda happened as such.

What was she gonna say?

What was she gonna say?

RWBY: Headbutting - Bumblebee (*Mortal Kombat announcer voice* Fatality.)

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

RWBY: O.S.H.I.T by DJLemmiex on DeviantArt

RWBY: O.T by DJLemmiex on DeviantArt Lol my grandmother just told when she was a kid they use to say sugar honey ice tea instead of cursing.

RWBY: Hair Fixer-Upper - Ruby & Weiss ft. White Rose

Dude, you have to see this