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Vinegar in Ancient Egypt: Sour Wine or Tasty Condiment?

Vinegar in Ancient Egypt: Sour Wine or Tasty Condiment?



Ancient Egyptian nobility - Q-files Encyclopedia

A wealthy Egyptian family relaxes by the pond in the courtyard of their house.

Edward Poynter

Sir Edward John Poynter

History of ancient Egypt - Q-files Encyclopedia

For almost 30 centuries—from the time Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt united to become one kingdom in around 3100 BC, to its conquest by Alexander the Great.

Infographic: History Of Masks

Infographic: History of Masks

With Halloween around the corner, wearing masks are a common thing. But did you ever wonder about the history of masks? While the oldest preserved mask w.

You're a REAL book lover if you think about the literature and the philosophical and scientific works housed here that were destroyed and it just pisses you off!!

The Great Library at Alexandria was destroyed by budget cuts, not fire