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You could always tell exams were coming just by looking at Matt's desk. Usually kept pristine and organized, his desk always looked like a crime scene whenever he was stressed.

He was fucking smart. The way he figured everything out - he calculated all our financial shit and perfectly split all the "bills." He did our taxes and got us a nice bunch of money back when the winter was ending.

Organizing Strategies for the Manic. This month's blog post

A Beautiful mess. A background of a cluttered desk. For my book cover I could illustrate or photograph a cluttered desk of crime documents and files to do with the Clutter family

Loyal to a fault.

harry spent most nights in bed with thomas or somewhere in the gallagher house, occasionally she will stay with kev and v, but she sleeps on the couch.


sleeping in an armchair at Janna's house in Kiel film, mid July 2012 film diary post slow mornings


Research shows that the biggest positive change in health occurs when people go from being sedentary to being active.

||some have it, all need it||

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders


Writing a book has been a dream of mine for years and years so it of course has to go on my bucket list.

Happy studying! (: : Photo

miagolare-e-mordere: “{how I’ll miss this study cave of mine} ” So freaking awesome!

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