Odd Pair ~ artist Sveta Dorosheva; book illustration  #art

These anachronistic style illustrations are by Sveta Dorosheva, a freelance illustrator based in Israel. "Sveta enjoys traditional drawing by hand, most of her illustrations are works on paper. Her anachronistic style of illustration

Michael Hutter© - Pterdactyl II

Michael Hutter is a painter, a visual artist in the classical meaning of the word.

walter crane faerie queene i wish i had an old collection of these books, all of the modern printings are kind of weak.

"Chariot-boat pulled by fish"Walter Crane, RWS Photographic Reproduction of pen and ink drawing 1897

kay nielsen

Kay Rasmus Nielsen/The ship headed about and sped over the depths of the sea

sveta dorosheva illustration

"The Art of Flirt", Svetlana Dorosheva,

Sveta #Dorosheva #art #illustration

Flowers' Former Lives - Tiger-Lily - Sveta Dorosheva

pique-nique.  Harry Clarke 1881-1931.  Carnet de Faust.

Harry Clarke’s hauntingly beautiful 1925 illustrations for Goethe’s Faust.

Studies for Tarot Deck

Study for Tarot deck (cups) by Svetlana Dorosheva, Russian illustrator

♥ Sveta Dorosheva

Very Erte -- Svetlana Dorosheva 'Deco Bag

Eveline Tarunadjaja...what is it about umbrellas, and rain, and emo-looking lovely women in paintings that just...get me?!!!

Enjoy the rain. painting on wood by Eveline Tarundjaja