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King Manwe, Breath of Arda by Dymond Starr

Манвэ Manwe King of the World, and the Breath of Arda by DymondStarr on DeviantArt

herbalist d&d - Google Search

Herbalist d&d - add some high tech gear and she could be a Traveller botanist/biologist

Undead Hounds | Mythical Creatures, Fantasy, Art

Zombie Hound: also called Rot Hounds, zombie dogs often arise in the frontier due to death by plague or rabies. These dogs are often attributed to either Trel or Lycanus respectively depending on which method killed them.

The Songless Bird by jflaxman on DeviantArt

Some artists, writers and musicians need to be reminded that marked social inadequacy is not the same as genius. The Songless Bird