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A little too detailed, but cute

as time goes on, with every tick of clock and with the turn of each day.I will miss you Dad and I will always keep missing you for the rest of days.until I'm with you again in heaven!

your mother is always with you - Google Search

"Unconditional Love From Your Mother!"

she is the sound of rain that lulls you to sleep.She is Christmas morning." and she loves her Bunny girl

You Were My Everything - You Didn't Care - You Still dont - I Know This Because You Broke Me Again - You Keep Breaking Me - I Am Only An Interest. I will always be in the sky, but you will never be able to find it.you destroyed your guide.

someone asked me if I missed you. I didn't answer. I just closed my eyes and walked away. then I whispered "so much".

If some one asked me this. I would cry at the reminder that your no longer in my life, that me and you lost our friendship.

Little One II, my love, my baby girl, you helped me cope with all my losses, my parents my other fur babies. so who will help me cope with the terrible loss of you?

Too bad the man I miss never existed - the real man behind the temporary mask, used only for seduction, is a monster.

The Heartbreak I feel.is my truth. Some days I feel sick to my stomach. there are to many memories to forget, there are too many 'i love you's ' to let go and there are too many years to move on from.