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This is the way I see myself in 10 - 15 years.  (50 - 60 years old).  Even the shape of her face, her eyes, and her skin tone are similar to mine. And she is LOVELY.

I can tell she has a similar gray pattern to mine. Darker hair around the face. Just a few years ahead of me.

gray hair

Susan Hersh If I looked like this with grey hair . then grey hair it would be.you look beautiful and dignified

Deze Dames 50+ staan prachtig met een kort kapsel! Wow… Deze dames lijken wel 10jaar jonger! "Bekijk de beste en snelste manier om af te vallen en gezonder te leven"

Not to be confused with “Shades” of Gray, but that applies here too…you’ll see. So, you’ve decided to let the silvers shine…now what? Well, one of the most excit…

Resultado de imagen para cabellos grises para mas de cincuenta

Although she usually wears her short gray hair spiked, Rita Moreno shows how this versatile cut can also be worn full with some volume. More about gray hairstyles: How to Go Gray Gracefully 10 Things You Can Still Do After You Go Gray Gray Hair Over 40

...this looks more real than the models freshly styled hair. I like this.   Oh, and have you ever noticed that on pinterest all women with 'notable' grey hair are also skinny. Kind of sucks.

this looks more real than the models freshly styled hair.

Sara Davis-Eisenman Rancho Penasquitos Reserve 2013

Sara Davis-Eisenman Rancho Penasquitos Reserve This is how I want my hair to look - hurry up and grey properly!