yeah, if you want to find happy endings of a story, you'll never find in Max Payne, but the series give the decent tragic, and realism storyline, pretty much like GTA storyline, but more darker, more desperate, and less black comedy.

Max by Eden Design

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I died without you - NAMELESS NOTORIOUS

"you think a pile of shit feels popular because its surrounded by flies?

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Max Payne 3- like a bad ass action film

The long-awaited third Max Payne game finally arrived in May courtesy of Rockstar Vancouver. Eight years after the end of Max Payne an aging, burnt-out Max finds one last chance to redeem himself while working as a bodyguard for a rich family in Brazil.

Max Payne

While Max Payne 3 has about as much baggage as a game can carry, Rockstar's uncompromising vision has delivered something truly impressive. Rockstar Games is releasing Max Payne 3 almost nine.

Punisher by Alex Maleev

JIGSAW PART The Hand and it's cadre of fantastic killers makes its move against the Punisher as every shooter in New York City has their sites trained on Frank Castle.and with his only allies in hiding, Frank brings the fight underground.