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What disposable nappies per child looks like. A good reminder (of part of the reason) why I use cloth nappies.

Ryan Gosling knows there is a difference between knitting and crocheting

Ryan Gossling - Hey girl, that guy over there didn't know the difference between knitting and crocheting .

Rosie is so clever

50 Clever Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

I’m so crafty I make people! - I needed this, because I'm not crafty. Artistic, sure, but not crafty. Making people is pretty crafty though.


Ryan Gosling and cloth diapers..


How much work are cloth nappies really? We asked some ordinary, busy mums - who actually use cloth nappies every day - how they respond when asked how much extra work cloth nappies REALLY involve compared to disposables.

Cloth Diapers

My three babies have long out grown diapers but had I known then as a young mother what I have learned as a woman about the health effects of plastic to our bodies and the environment I would have done things differently.