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Double exposure

Pakayla Rae Biehn‘s Double Exposure Series is a beautiful take on the much loved photo technique. Using oils and acrylics on canvas, Pakayla paints life-like floral designs over some of her favorite images, creating a realistic double-exposed look.

Pippa Drummond

We're enchanted by the new wave of floral garlands emerging, heralding a more delicate and whimsical aesthetic.

flowers and letters

Flowers, beautiful on their own.but even more breath taking in a group (No matter how small). Quill's is loving the little things

LR Loves | Yi Huisi

The flower on her face is very beautiful and creates interest, as well as her red coat, which pops with color.

Creative ways to show love to someone who's sad.

13 Ways To Cheer Up Your Friend When She's Down

Creative ways to show love to someone who's sad.

Flowers and ice cream, Kinfolk Magazine Vol. #7 | Trendland |

Kinfolk Magazine Vol. #7

Kinfolk — Ice Cream and Flowers by Parker Fitzgerald and Amy Merrick “Kinfolk Vol. 7 is all about Spring, and ice cream (also crabs). So I was once again able to partner up with Amy Merrick to combine.