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Wonderwoman en modo Atenea.

I’m pretty sure artist Tim Maclean is trying to explore the relationship between religion, idolatry, and the modern superhero with these awesome portraits of superheroes painted as Classical gods, but I’m mostly just nerding out over how cool they look.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk, The Other Guy - Print by The Ninjabot - Support the Kickstarter now! kck.st/Zwzs6D

Hulk - Here's a really cool poster art series created by Ninjabot called "ORIGIN," and it focuses on the origin stories of our favorite superheroes.


Hulk for fun by `Artgerm on deviantART. NOT a Hulk fan, but I *am* a fan of Artgerm's work. I thought this was really cute to have Hulk with a Popeye tattoo!

Superman and Wonder Woman by Doug Mahnke

Superman/Wonder Woman page 3 artwork by Doug Mahnke (pencils), Jaime Medoza (inks), Tomeu Morey (colors) and Carlos M.