Girl Scout Camping Inspired Treats-Tents and Campfires- Graham Crackers, Caramel, Ritz Crackers, Pretzels and some other goodies/candies!

It's time to pitch camp

It looks like the tents are made of graham crackers and caramel, and the campfires are made of crackers, pretzels, fruit rolls, and chocolate covered raisins!

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fairy cottage cake---like a gingerbread house meets cake meets Christmas village house. So pretty!

Navidad en el bosque

Smartie-bread house, Come and see some of the best gingerbread houses ever. From the Houses of Parliament to massive gingerbread mansions, this collection is sure to boggle your mind

Kurt Adler Lighted Gingerbread House | SSC Affiliate

Add a sweet touch to your holiday decor with this Lighted Christmas Gingerbread house by Kurt Adler. Resembling a real gingerbread house, this piece looks good enough to eat with its vanilla icing


“Home Sweet Home” Gingerbread Cottage Recipe -I love to see the end of a project, like this Christmas cottage—but my favorite part is the process. It's fun to watch the gingerbread, icing and candy decorations come together creatively.