Rebel without a cause- love James Dean and that red leather jacket of his!

Before Bieber & Efron there was a man with style class and a bad boy al rolled into one. Women wanted him, Men wanted to be him. he was the epitome of cool/hip. Young Wild and Free. James Dean, the rebel without a cause.

James Dean e sua icônica jaqueta vermelha de "Juventude Transviada".

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James Dean as a child

Beautiful even as a boy, American icon & actor, James Dean. Born February 1931 in Marion, Indiana. He died tragically in a car crash September 1955 at age in Cholame, California.

▼ U.S. Greasers, 1950s. Greaser: a person who dresses in rockabilly fashion and styles his hair in a pompdour or other tall retro hairstyle with a petrolium based pomade, such as seen in the movies: Grease, The Outsiders, West Side Story, Rebel Without Cause, etc (from urban dictionary)

50 Classy People From The Past Who Remind Us What "Cool" Really Means! - A gang of greasers in NYC, 1950

Clark Gable, 1931   Without the moustache. Wow

Clark Gable - 1931 - What a handsome man! if I lived in this era! the things I would do to this man! oh lawd!

James Dean photographed by Phil Stern licensed to Life for the cover of "James Dean, A Rebel's Life in Pictures" book.

James Dean by Phil Stern licensed to Life, James Dean Book

James Dean photographed by Phil Stern licensed to Life for the cover of “James Dean, A Rebel’s Life in Pictures” book.

That face. James Dean

I forgot how much I loved him when I was a kid. East of Eden was a favorite. My Bad Boy phase was short lived, but my love of James Dean remains!