The Queen and Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) UK husband Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh (Philip Mountbatten-born Prince Philip) Greece, by unknown artist.

Képtalálat a következőre: „princess margaret”

Princess Elizabeth & Princess Margaret are already setting trends in their box-pleat dress cinched with a bow to show off her tiny waist. Those white gloves, neat handbag and co-ordinating peep-toe slingbacks show a keen eye for detail

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Queen Elizabeth with her UGLY baby, also known as Princess Anne. Never before have I saw an ugly BABY,but then Anne's been especially ugly her WHOLE life!

One of my favourite Queen Elizabeth II gowns........MY GOODNESS...... ELIZABETH LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL...............ccp

The Queen Attending A Banquet As Guest Of The States Of Guernsey Wearing A Dress Designed By Fashion Designer Sir Hardy Amies.

Heavy Is The Crown

9 year old Prince Charles strikes a pose with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, and Princess Anne, October 1957

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Queen Elizabeth II and her eldest son Prince Charles, Prince of Wales - previous pinner wrote: "amazing seeing this how much William looks like his dad. It always seemed like he (favoured) his (Mother).

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Very beautiful for the Queen Mother in the black and White colours in this picture.

Princess Elizabeth and Welsh corgi

Princess Elizabeth and the family corgis.our oldest corgi looks like these cuties

Princess Elizabeth visiting the Royal Tournament at Olympia in 1932.

The day the Queen threw a tantrum and tipped a pot of ink over her own head

MailOnline: Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) walks in to visit the Royal Tournament at Olympia in 1932

Dancing Queen (to-be): She and Prince Philip join in a square dance at a cowboy dress party during the royal tour of Canada in 1951.

The Queen (to-be) and Prince Philip square dancing during the 1951 royal tour of Canada. This picture amazed me. I have never seen Prince Philip or the Queen dressed like that.

The Queen laughing as she passes Phillip in the Beefeater hat.......THE QUEEN LOVES TO ENJOY SO MANY LITTLE INSTANCES.........JOLLY GOOD, MAMMMM..........ccp

Queen Elizabeth laughing as she passes her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in uniform. This picture makes me smile every time I see it. ♥ hahaha so cute to laugh with the Queen Elizabeth.

misshonoriaglossop via wgabry: Prince Charles and Princess Anne with their Grandmother Princess Alice of Greece, 1960s

misshonoriaglossop via wgabry: Prince Charles and Princess Anne with their Grandmother Princess Alice of Greece,

.What a rare pic! Lovely

Loving scene: The Queen in bed after the birth of Prince Edward in 1964 surrounded by her other children, Princess Anne Prince Charles and Prince Andrew,

Left to Right: Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom, Queen Maud of Norway, Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom, and Louise, Princess Royal. The little girl is Alexandra of Fife, Princess Louise's daughter. Photo taken at Maud's wedding.

Maud on her wedding day. L to R - Princess Victoria, Princess Maud, Queen Alexandra, Princess Louise. The little girl in front acting as a bridesmaid is Lady Alexandra Fife, Louise's daughter.